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Amber Inclusion/ Termite

These tiny insects belong to the insect Order Isoptera which is derived from the Greek words Iso (equal) and Pteron (wing). The reproductive caste of termites have equal wings but most of these insects (worker termites) are wingless. Termites have two pairs of wings that are equal in size: the front and hind wings. The lain word for woodworm is the source for the name termite.

Contrary to popular beliefs, termites are related to cockroaches, not ants. Ants belong to the insect Order Hymenoptera along with wasps and bees.

Termites are highly social and have mastered cooperation that by themselves they could hollow out huge trees, build skyscrapers, "eat" houses and move large amounts of soil.

The diet of termites consists of lignocellulosic matters which is non-nutritious. Dry plants matters and wood are abundant on earth and are sources of this type of diet. Termites compete with fungi in utilizing lignocellulose. There are now management systems that favor animal biomass production and termites. This type of management keeps forest liter uninhabitable for fungi by making it too dry.

Termites that possess wings are commonly called alates. Alates are the "milk of tropical forests". Reptiles, amphibians, ground foraging animals, and birds depend use alates for food. In order to conserve the tropical wildlife of forests, one needs to know and understand the ecology of termites.

When flying to set up new colonies, termites sometimes die. Instead of improving and evolving their defensive mechanisms, termites have evolved the production of their alates. Their flight timing which is highly synchronized as well as their strategy in defense by satiating their predators has also evolved.

In social insect families, a natural behavior called self-sacrificing benevolence occurs. In termites, the termite soldier is unique because this physical caste is sterile, terminal and whose sole purpose is to defend the colony.

Interesting facts

Termites, when compared to other insect orders, are the only group whose species are labeled or classified as eusocial (highly social).

They produce methane out of animals in large amount such that they are considered to be one of the largest world pollutants.

When you group together all the termites in the world, they will outweigh us humans in a ratio of 10:1.

Be careful in playing loud music (heavy metal) in your homes. It was discovered that termites will eat wood twice as fast when this happens.

The exact lifespan of termite queens are unknown. Records have shown termite queens living from ten years up to forty years. They are considered to have the longest lives during their adult reproductive years.

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Rare Soldier Termite In Dominican Amber.
Rare Soldier Termite In Dominican Amber.
Rare Large Bloated Worker Termite In Dominican Amber.
Rare Large Bloated Worker Termite In Dominican Amber.
$ 84.98
Rare Gall Midge With Five Eggs And Four Winged Termite In Dominican Amber.
Rare Gall Midge With Five Eggs And Four Winged Termite In Dominican Amber.
$ 49.98
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